Famile på langrennstur i Vågsli

Cross-country Skiing

Miles and miles of groomed cross-country ski trails for skating and classic skiing. Portions of the trail network are lighted for night skiing. The nature around is breathtaking!

Haukeli offers excellent trails for both touring and training.

In Haukeli you will find miles and miles of excellent cross country trails through varied terrain. The snowcat drivers get out early so you can have the best experience!

Here you'll find trails both in the high mountain terrain and through the forests.

There are lighted trails both in Vågslid and in Edland, so you can ski at night. For updated trail info see the map below and follow the facebook group Løypeinfo Vågslid.

Langrennsløyper med mennesker på Arbuvatn

Trail map from skisporet.no

Large area

The majority of the trail network lies on the west side of E-134 between Tyrvelid and Botn, and the area in towards Fossen and Åmlinuten. There are many different routes to choose between, both short and long.

The high mountain trails begin at the ski area from the top of Haukeliheisen, and leads into the mountains towards Haukeliseter. Due to the population of wild reindeer in Hardangervidda it is not allowed to prepare the slopes all the way to Haukeliseter. Due to this the trail ends at the top of Kreklingsdyrskar, and from here lead a marked trail which is unprepared. However, from Easter the trail is prepared all the way to Haukeliseter.

Langrennsløper i høgfjellsløypa på Haukelifjell

Edland / Haukeli

The trail network here is well prepped and leads into the town center. The network lies primarily south of the river Kjela, which runs through Edland and Haukeli. The trail network is ideal for both skating nad classic style. Large portions of the trail network are lighted at night until 10:00 pm.

These trails lead through forest terrain. The are varied, and are challenging for all cross country skiiers. You can begin at the Sundflaten ski area, where there is also a slalom hill and clubhouse for the I.L. Rein sports club. Turn off of E-134 at Velemoen Camping.
Another alternative is to start from the Edland Schoolhouse. Here you can combine your ski trip with a trip to the pool and sauna during the evenings on mondays, wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays. The lighted portion of trail extends for 5 km. It is prepared when necessary, but primarily during the weeknights when it is used for ski races and training.

Langrennsløper på Haukelifjell
Turgåarar på langrenn på Haukelirennet